Illustration & Pet portraits

Quintessence in Animal Art...

Animal documentary and any topic related to Nature is ArleQuin Art Work's area of expertise.

Artworks may come as original artworks or as a vector. AAW fits all your needs.

AAW's technics are multiples : ink, watercolours, acrylics, pencils... computer work addition or creation also belong to our tools.

Pet portraits with style

Feel like experiencing an endless emotion ? Enjoying a portrait of your animal is so much more than just a fond memory. For the eyes and the heart, it's a way to keep him/her living beyond years.

ArleQuin Art Work's portraits are original pieces that you will treasure. The style is highly realistic and richly detailed, with a touch of freshness.

A few photos and questions about your animal will help us capture the essence of his/her personality and what will suit you both best. Several animals, or poses can come together in the same portrait. Composition and background elements are determined prior to the final realisation and a detailed sketch helps the art commissioner to visualise the final.